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BK Ultrasound, powered by Analogic technology, is a recognized global leader in the development of ultrasound systems designed for imaging applications in urology, surgery and robotic assisted surgery, as well as interventional radiology, anesthesia and pelvic floor.

For the past 30 years, BK Ultrasound has been devoted to the development and production of high quality diagnostic ultrasound systems with a range of offerings that meet the challenges of clinicians today. The company’s suite of products include the ultra high resolution bk3000 ultrasound system with unique TriCore technology, as well as the premium performance Flex Focus 800 and 500 ultrasound systems incorporating Quantum Technology. These are combined with a broad range of specialized, sterilizable  transducers which provides the most comprehensive ultrasound solutions for urologists, surgeons, POC and general imaging physicians. All the systems are light and mobile and the Flex Focus range has a full backup power solution that gives up to four hours of plug-free imaging.

The Analogic ultrasound group has its U.S. headquarters in Peabody, Massachusetts and the European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are also operations in Pennsylvania, Vancouver, Montreal and Shanghai.  The company is represented in over 60 countries with sales offices in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Nordic countries and the UK. An extensive network of distributors connects BK Medical with Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and ROW. For more details see www.analogicultrasound.com.


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BK Awards

With the hard work and passion from our dedicated teams, we are honoured to have been recognized as the Best All Round Performance Business Partner by BK Ultrasound.


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